The proposed re-opening of the San Juan Ridge Mine continues to receive local, statewide and national press coverage.

The SJRTA board of directors presented outgoing SYRCL executive director Caleb Dardick with a gift in appreciation of Caleb and SYRCL’s campaign to keep the San Juan Ridge Mine from re-opening. A print of Michael Killigrew’s painting “Bald Mountain Shekina” was presented to Caleb at SYRCL’s annual river clean-up volunteer picnic on September 16, 2017, at Pioneer Park.

County closes San Juan Ridge Mine permit application:  The Nevada County Planning Department has CLOSED the application for a use permit for the San Juan Ridge Mine. On March 14, 2016, Planning Department Director Brian Foss issued a letter to San Juan Mining Corporation CEO Timothy Callaway informing him of the closure, viewable hereMany thanks to our wonderful community for contributing so much to this effort for the past four years.

Spring Newsletter 2016 – Vol 5, Issue 1

NSJ Mine Future in Limbo
The Mountain Messenger, March 25, 2016

Nevada County ends application process for reopening San Juan Ridge Gold Mine
The Union, March 17, 2016

Locals Celebrate as County Cancels Controversial Mine Plan (South Yuba River Citizens League, Keeping Current, 3/16/16)

Blue Lead Gold Mine gets go-ahead from Nevada County Board of Supervisors
The Union, April 29, 2015

Jenny Warden: A flourishing economy grows on the Ridge
The Union, February 28, 2015

Gold mine lands on tap for workshop Sunday at Wild & Scenic Film Fest
The Union, January 12, 2015

Science for the greater good
The Union, December 6, 2014

San Juan Ridge Mine group says Nevada County’s abandoned mines need rethinking
The Union, November 28, 2014

Water for Gold
On October 4, The Union covered the SJR Mine and how the surrounding community and businesses feel about the potential for the Mine to reopen.
The Union, October 4, 2014

View from the ridge
New Internationalist, NI 475 September, 2014

Efforts to Revive Rich California Mine Hit Strong Resistance
New York Times, August 22, 2014

Application to reopen San Juan Ridge Mine put on hold
The Union, June 3, 2014

Locals rally against reopening the San Juan Ridge Mine
The Union, February 26, 2014

Big turnout to voice concerns about proposed San Juan Ridge Mine, February 25, 2014

Will the gold stay buried in North San Juan
Mountain Messenger, February 19, 2014

Proposed mine threatens wells stressed by drought
The Union, February 19, 2014

Press Release 8/29/13 – Supervisors Increase Budget for Mine Impact Study

2000 Mile Ride Highlights Water Needs
The Union, August 19, 2013

San Juan Mine Creeps Toward Reopening
The Mountain Messenger, June 28, 2013

New Gold Rush Has Little Luster For Some In The Golden State
National Public Radio, All Things Considered, January 28, 2013

Sitting on a Gold Mine, Residents Fear for Their Water
Capital Public Radio, January 7, 2013

SYRCL River Monitoring Program Receives New Grant to Protect Creeks from Mining Activities
Dec. 26, 2012

San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association: Mine contaminated school’s water 
Opinion piece by SJRTA, December 18, 2012

San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association: What the mine really did to Grizzly Hill School wells
Dec 17, 2012

SYRCL Tells County Planners that Proposed San Juan Mine May Pose Threat to Watershed
Dec 7, 2012

Tim Callaway: San Juan Ridge Mine – History of the Grizzly Hill School Wells
Dec 7, 2012

Community shows up to oppose San Juan Ridge Mine 
About 120 people, many of whom wore “Don’t mine our water” buttons on their shirts, showed up to the Eric Rood Administrative Center Wednesday night to demonstrate opposition to the re-opening of the San Juan Ridge Mine…
December 6, 2012

San Juan Ridge Mine EIR — Public Scoping Today at 6 pm
Dec 5, 2012

San Juan mine owner: Well failures misconstrued 
The owner of the San Juan Mining Corporation who is seeking to reopen a gold mine north of Nevada City is attempting to clarify what he believes are mischaracterizations of widespread well failures that occurred in the mid-1990s.
December 5, 2012

San Juan Ridge Mine Scoping Meeting Set for December 5 Community Group Releases Comments
Dec 4, 2012

San Juan Ridge Mine and the history of the Grizzly Hill school wells 
Opinion piece by Tim Callaway, CEO of San Juan Mining Corp., December 4, 2012

Reminder: San Juan Ridge Mine Environmental Review to Begin – Public Scoping Meeting Dec. 5
Nov 26, 2012

San Juan Ridge Mine re-opening review process begins 
The Nevada County Planning Department has issued a Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the proposed re-opening of the San Juan Ridge Mine by the San Juan Mining Corporation.
November 10, 2012

Ridge residents make presence felt in mine discussion 
The opening salvo in what figures to be a long engagement between owners of a gold mine, nearby residents and county officials arrived on a cordial note Tuesday.
October 23, 2012

San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association Comments on Proposed San Juan Ridge Mine at BOS
Oct 23, 2012

SYRCL Requests New EIR for San Juan Ridge Mine proposal
Apr 20, 2012

Proposed reopening of mine unearths old concerns
It will be more than a year before San Juan Mining Corp. CEO Tim Callaway could potentially get approval to reopen the San Juan Ridge Mine – and another year and a half of rehabilitation before any gold mining actually takes place. But concerned residents aren’t waiting around.
March 20, 2012
February 10, 2012