San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association opposes reopening the San Juan Ridge Mine.

Our research and experience lead us to believe that the San Juan Ridge Mine will contaminate our wells, take our water, and impact our environment and economy- please read Why we oppose the mine.

Upcoming Event:

Workshop and Discussion: “A New Vision for Historic Gold Mines”

A part of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

  • Sunday morning, January 18, City Hall, Nevada City
  • 9:30-11:00 AM
  • Free and open to the public
  • Hosted by SJRTA, the South Yuba River Citizens League and The Sierra Fund
  • Includes clips from Water for Gold
  • A panel of local and regional experts will discuss the benefits of historic mine land reuse

Workshop FlyerDon’t miss the “Water for Gold” Film Screenings too!

  • Saturday afternoon, January 17 at Oddfellows Hall in Nevada City. Session begins at 1:15 PM.
  • Sunday afternoon, January 18 at the Stone Hall, Miner’s Foundry, Nevada City. Session begins at 2:30 PM.

Festival ticket required

Tom and Debra Weistar, local educator-filmmakers from the San Juan Ridge are pleased to present a new film about the effects of the proposed San Juan Ridge gold mine on the Yuba watershed and Ridge community.


Water for Gold web banner

The powerful 35-minute documentary, Water for Gold from Tom and Debra Weistar on Vimeo is now available for viewing online.


  • San Juan Ridge Mine group says Nevada County’s abandoned mines need rethinking:  On November 28, SJRTA Board President, Sol Henson, spoke with the Union about looking at positive examples of reuse of abandoned mine lands. The SJR Mine is located on an abandoned placer mine site.  Read the whole story here or here.  On December 6, local business owner writes a letter to the editor, “Science for the greater good”, commenting on the November 28 article.  Read the letter here.
  • Update on SJR Mine and Surrounding Community: On October 4, The Union covered the SJR Mine and how the surrounding community and businesses feel about the potential for the Mine to reopen. Read the whole story here or here- Water for gold.
  • SJR Mine in the News: Community opposition to the mine has received national and international media attention. The New York Times published an article on the front page of August 23′s business section, and in this August 22 web version. And the UK-based New Internationalist Sept 2014 issue features several articles about “Gold Trouble”, including “View from the ridge.” To see a PDF of these, go here. To order a copy or subscribe, go to on the web.
  • What’s going on with the well monitoring program? Since well water quality testing was suspended in March by the mine operator, the application to re-open the mine has been put on hold. In an exchange of letters between the mine operator, SJRTA’s attorney, County Planning staff, and SJRTA, questions of what the County will require in terms of pre-EIR monitoring have been raised, but not answered to our satisfaction. For a description of the letters, and to see copies of them, go here. Be aware, however, that this interruption in testing does not mean the mining corporation has given up its efforts to reopen the mine!
  • Many thanks to The Sierra Fund’s Sarah Forslund Fund for Environmental Leadership for a $2000 general support grant received by SJRTA in July! …Link to more information.
  • Please join or renew your membership for 2014.
  • Take Action! Educate your Supervisor and Planning Commissioner about the effects of this mine. Donate. Volunteers needed for outreach and fundraising activities. Call or email us!
  • Letter from Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermansen to Supervisor Nate Beason Dear Supervisor Beason, I am writing to express my concern about the San Juan Ridge Mine Project…Link to the rest of the Holly Hermansen Letter.


The primary purpose of the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association (SJRTA) is to promote the environmental, social and economic well-being of the rural San Juan Ridge community, in Nevada County, CA. The Association accomplishes its purpose by research, education, analysis, community outreach and advocacy. Our current focus is the proposed reopening of the San Juan Ridge Mine.

Formed in 1975, SJRTA membership includes residents and non-resident landowners of the San Juan Ridge and other concerned citizens.