San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association opposes reopening the San Juan Ridge Mine.

Our research and experience lead us to believe that the San Juan Ridge Mine will contaminate our wells, take our water, and impact our environment and economy- please read Why we oppose the mine.


DETAILED DISCUSSION OF QUESTIONNAIRE COMMENTS: The Alternative Uses Survey: In your words. Read here.

County closes San Juan Ridge Mine permit application:  The Nevada County Planning Department has CLOSED the application for a use permit for the San Juan Ridge Mine. On March 14, 2016, Planning Department Director Brian Foss issued a letter to San Juan Mining Corporation CEO Timothy Callaway informing him of the closure, viewable hereMany thanks to our wonderful community for contributing so much to this effort for the past four years.


Hydrolic miningThe film, Water for Gold, tells the story of the San Juan Ridge community’s efforts to protect its water, resources and economy that are threatened by the proposed reopening of the San Juan Ridge Mine.

This powerful 35-minute documentary, by Tom and Debra Weistar is now available for viewing online.